Poem-a-Day 9/13/22 at Poets.org:

"Last Privacy"

Poems at Don Yorty Explorations:

"Bravery" "The Sun is a Horse" "Sutra. Kshatriyan Lord, Indian Prince"

"Two Elegies"

"The Young Man Holding an Empty Glass"

Poems at Poetry Bay:

"Project Runway" (2020-2021)

"After the Ball" (2019-2020)

"Desert Opera Transport" (2018-2019)

"The Bacchae" (2018-2019)

Poems at Shining Rock Poetry Anthology:

"Cooling Board Blues"

Poems at AMP Hofstra Poetry Review:

"The Island"

Three Memorial Poems:
"Riding Pillion" "Phillip’s Song" "Insistent Heart"

Poems at RFD:

"Aflicker" (#190, Page 54)

"Missive: A New Calf" (#189, Page 36)

"Empire Burlesque" (#187, Page 18)

"Monster’s Ball" (#183, Page 6)

"Splash" (#178, Page 43)

Poems at The Inquisitive Eater:

"Sumptuary Laws" "Tea Party of the Orange Pig" "Hunkered and Hankering"

Poems at Our Break Room:

"Tasteless Defense"

Poems at Art and Understanding:

"Diagnosis Afternoon"

Bio and Poems at the Academy of American Poets:


Two Poems:

"My Father"

"Apocalypse Soliloquy"

"Rubber Dollie"

Poems at "About Place Journal":

"What We Live For" and "Fuck Pants"

"From Two Vats of Absence"

"Occupy Wall Street"

"The Meek"

"At Milly-La-Foret"

"Ariadne Auf Naxos, with Her Regrets"

Poems at "The Good Men Project":

"Shell Shock"

"Boys Gym"

Other Poems:

"Visit with an Old Model at Norwood"

"Dignity at 'Trumpets'"

"Indian Summers"

"Death Futures"





As Book Reviewer:

Five Points

"Good Reads" recommendation of books to read

Box Car Poetry Review

Many for Reed Publishing aka Library Journal or Publishers Weekly

The Blue Orchard – for The Brooklyn Rail

Curious Masonry – for The Brooklyn Rail

"Gravest Dangers" Pure Pagan – for The Brooklyn Rail

Poems in Translation:

Six Poems in English and Spanish, "Fronterad: La Nube Habitada," translations by Natalia Carbajosa

Fernando Sabido Sánchez's Digital Anthology of Poets of the Twenty First Century


Willis Barnstone Translation Prize

About Pasolini’s 1970 reworking of Euripides’ Medea

Carbajose, Natalia, "Hightower in Cartegena," "Tres en Suma," March 16, 2010 (With Juan de Dios García, publisher of the on-line magazine: "El coloquio de los perros").



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